Jan 03

The Basics Of Bachelor Bashes

What we know as bachelor parties trace their roots back to the ancient times, back to the age of the Spartans. Back then, Spartans used to hold a dinner for the groom the night before his wedding. The dinner night usually involved a large feast and nothing much more. What began as a simple pre-wedding dinner slowly transformed into what we now call a bachelor party.

Now there are all kinds of extravagant bachelor parties out there, which can make it pretty confusing to gather information about hosting one yourself. If you are ever chosen by your friend as the best man for his wedding, you will be responsible for successfully hosting said bachelor party, along with a lot of other duties. Remember that you do not need to always go with over the top bucks parties. You can instead use a much simpler approach. Just keep in mind these points and you will be good to go!

• Main Activity – First of all, try to decide on what activity will the party be centred on. Picking one out earlier will make it much easier to organize and plan everything else. When picking an activity, the first thing to do is jot down a few activities you think appropriate. It would also help to know more about the groom’s preferences, so consulting him would also be a good thing. Just be sure to not let him on each and every detail, since that would ruin the surprise. Additionally, while having fun is a good thing, don’t do anything too reckless. After all, you wouldn’t want your groom to have an accident just before his wedding, right? 

• Setting a Date – It is tempting to host the bachelor party the night before the wedding, but it is highly recommended not to do so. First of all, this will make the groom to be in not-so optimal condition on the wedding day (which is something you definitely want to avoid). Second, the groom’s friends will have a lot of trouble with transportation if they happen to live far away, since they will need to attend two events on two consecutive days. Be wise and choose a date which will be agreed upon by all the attendees. You may need to choose an alternate date in case anyways. Check this link http://www.ozpartyevents.com if you are planning for a party.

• Other Preparations – After you are set on the schedule, what will be left is to make reservations for the places you are going to visit and to send the invites. For the reservations, be sure to book everything as early as possible (otherwise you will need to change dates again). When it comes to invitations, you should invite all the men who will be attending the wedding, as well as close male friends of the groom.

• Need More Help? – In case you have trouble setting up the party on your own, you could try to get in contact with companies which provide event planning and corporate team building Sydney. Bachelor party packages are commonly offered at such places.

No matter what kind of bachelor party you are going to host, be sure to do it the right way, which is have a lot of fun!